Building a Better Beast
Building a Better Beast
We are proud of where we are at. That being said we still have allot of work ahead of us. We're currently working on iOS and Android compatibility for the site and are cooking up our iOS app as well. We are also working on putting some interactive tutorials in place to get users acquainted with the process of crowdsourcing music here on musocrat.

Many more features to come as well. We plan to keep everyone on their toes through the alpha / beta / whatever you want to call this ;)

Stay tuned for more awesome.
July 2014
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Welcome to Musocrat
Simply put musocrat is a platform for crowd-sourced music.

Musicians submit their music parts and music lovers vote on their favorite. Each instrument layer builds on the last winning part.

The end result is a 100% community created song.

We'll show you around so you can get acquainted with the site. You can use your arrow keys (← →) to navigate.


Song Browser
Here you can browse active and completed songs and click on one to jump to that song and check it out.


News and Updates
The news section keeps you up to date with what is going on in the community.


Profile Panel & Login
If you haven't signed up, do it here. If you have this is where you'll see your profile stuff as well as other members of the community.


Jump In
Now, click on a song in the Song Browser to get to the good stuff.